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It’s been a hard year, you’ve heard it said, a hard couple of years. We continue to have a lot to deal with. Our mental health is fragile. We need to be gentle with ourselves and each other. This service is to help us find … read more.

“These Messengers” – Flower Ceremony

Most Unitarian Universalists celebrate the Flower Ceremony, created by Norbert and Maja Capek in the 1930’s.  In this, our last regular Sunday of the congregational year, we will celebrate the Flower Ceremony and consider why of all our UU rituals, this one endures. The story … read more.


Somehow in the midst of a year that had held many challenges, good things have been happening at First Parish Church Unitarian Universalist.  Today we celebrate milestones that remind us how and why community life is important to us:  appreciation of congregational ministries; recognition of … read more.

“The First Parade”

Memorial Day holds some surprising roots, including racial ones, which we need to remember if we are to acknowledge the depth and complexity of the occasion.  The day is, as Mark Bellinti writes, “a time for remembering  the human loss in human wars, the silence … read more.