"1667" Steeple at First Parish

From John Hale’s Puritan Church of 1667 to the present day, First Parish Church in Beverly is steeped in history, including the establishment of the first Sunday School in New England, which continues in its religious education mission to this day. Here, you can learn about everything from our former church bell crafted by Revolutionary War patriot Paul Revere to the advent of what became known as the Salem Witch Trials.

Local historian and First Parish Church member Charles Wainwright documents much of this history in his book, Tales from Beverly’s Attic: A Celebration of the First 350 Years of the First Parish and Church in Beverly, Mass., 1667-2017 (available at Cabot Street Books & Cards).

For more First Parish history or to request access to our archives, email historian Charles Wainwright. A sampling of materials from our archives are included via the links below: