Serving on a committee is an outstanding way to give back to the First Parish community, and there are numerous opportunities to deepen your engagement with the church in this way. Committees at First Parish include (chairs and co-chairs are listed in parentheses):

  • Building Committee (Gabe Petino)
  • Communications Committee (Mike Keefe-Feldman)
  • Diaconate (Kate Salandrea, Karen Menezes)
  • Family Promise Committee (Carol Ballantyne, Joyce Prior)
  • Finance (Gina Coburn)
  • Generosity Committee (Kathleen Feldman, Jay Coburn)
  • Historical Committee
  • Hospitality Committee (Ann Geikie, Ann Wickberg)
  • Investment Committee (Bruce Egan, David Long)
  • Membership Committee (Steve Hoy)
  • Ministry Committee
  • Music and Worship Committee (Brenda Brianna)
  • Nominating/Volunteer Involvement Committee (Ellen Hoy)
  • Pastoral Care Committee (Paul Willenbrock, Dan Borghesi)
  • Parish Board (Karen Gendall, Brad Willenbrock)
  • Personnel (Scott Gorman)
  • Religious Education Committee (Patty Lynch, Gina Coburn)
  • Social Action Committee (Amanda Johnston, Paul Drake)

If you would like to get involved, please email a member of the Volunteer Involvement Committee (or ask around during coffee hour!):

Thanks in advance for your interest in taking the next step on your journey with First Parish!