“A Hard Road to a Second Chance”

The holidays of Passover and
Easter are both built around stories of trial and struggle, leading into wonder
and new beginning. Come and join our community for a joyful and exuberant
service in honor of these two great festivals and the natural cycle that
inspired them.

“Lead Into Gold”

Throughout this
church year, Rev. Kelly will lead us in exploring the famous summary our
religious ideals, “Five Smooth Stones of Religious Liberalism” and its more
recent expansion, “Five Jagged Rocks of Religious of Unitarian Universalism.
Join us as we reflect on the third of the five jagged rocks.

“The Moments That Define Us”

In the Book of Genesis, in the Hebrew Bible, we find a story which is precious and critical to the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions, and which, at the same time, has troubled the conscience of readers for thousands of years. Abraham, the first … read more.