“We are all children of immigrants”

Join Patty as she reviews her lifelong interest in genealogy, and learn a little about our early history. Do you know the difference between Plymouth Colony and the Massachusetts Bay colony?

Beginning with the July 5th service, online worship at First Parish will be taking … read more.

Gay Panic Defense

Do you know what the Gay Panic Defense is? It’s true meaning will surprise you. This service will focus on human rights, injustice, and the current acceptance of homophobia in our court system

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/92762405253

Meeting ID: 927 6240 5253

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“Transformative Justice”

We will look at the idea of transformative justice through the words of Black queer feminist thinker Adrienne Maree Brown, which she describes as “justice practices that go all the way to the root of the problem and generate solutions and healing there, such that … read more.