The Ipswich River, a Meditation

The Ipswich River, designated last year as one of the top-ten most Endangered Rivers® in the country, begins in Burlington and flows through 24 towns, 14 of which get their drinking water from it — including Beverly and Salem.

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“People are People”

Connections, to me, start with one on one, in person interactions. All people deserve love, recognition and appreciation, whoever they may be. All can positively impact others. How do you show love, recognition and respect? In this service, I will first talk about connections: … read more.

“Huck Finn Isn’t Just for Kids”

I fell in love with Mark Twain when I was very young, because his first name was the same as mine. By the time I found out his real first name wasn’t Mark, I was hooked, and I have stayed hooked all my life.

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