Volunteers at First Parish smile for a photo

If you have been attending First Parish for some time now and would like to get more involved in a way that is right for you, there are dozens of opportunities to do so. Just a few of these opportunities include:

  • Becoming a member (recommended first step)
  • Participating in services as a volunteer (usher, coffee hour host, etc.)
  • Attending a weekly religious education class
  • Volunteering to serve meals at one of our weekly suppers
  • Joining a church committee or team
  • Volunteer in our airport shuttle program
  • Donate items to our annual auction
  • Sing in the church choir
  • Teach Sunday School
  • Visit with or send cards to members who are ill
  • Help out on minor building repairs
  • Spend a night in the church as a Family Promise volunteer

There are many other ways to get involved in the First Parish community. We recommend expressing your interests to a long-time member at an upcoming post-service coffee hour. Chances are, they will know who to connect you with to get started in building your deeper connection to the collective First Parish family. In addition, you are most welcome to email our church administrator or call (978) 922-3968 for more information about your areas of interest.