Beverly Church Sunday School

Beverly’s First Parish is home to the first Sunday School in New England, and continues to lead in the spiritual development of children on the North Shore to this day. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe in the value of lifelong religious education and spiritual growth among a community of caring hearts, helping hands, and open minds. That’s why our religious education opportunities include not only our weekly Sunday School classes, but also weekly evening classes for adults.

For children, our religious education curriculum is tailored to each age and grade-level. Pre-K and kindergarten students develop their sense of trust, caring, self-identity, and connectedness to all life. Grade One and Grade Two students learn more about what it means to be part of a faith community. Grade Three and Four students begin to explore how the seven core principles of Unitarian Universalism translate into life choices and everyday actions. Grade Five, Six, and Seven students wrestle with some of the world’s biggest spiritual questions. And Grade Eight and Nine students engage in study and investigation designed to help them transition to the adult church community.

For adults, our weekly spirituality courses vary from season to season. Check the church calendar for upcoming opportunities, or visit with us on Sunday morning and, after the service, share your ideas as to topics you would like to explore with a larger group.