“Finding our Allies – As we prepare to return to our Spiritual Home we look inward – Is FPC a safe home for all of us?”

Arthur Thompson, (he/him/his); Jude Sclarsky, (they/them); Lyralen Kaye, (fae/faire & they/them); and Scott Gorman, (he/him/his)

We welcome the voices of all LGBTQIA+ people and/or their allies for this special service and welcome your thoughts, questions and interest. Exploring the meaning of Safe Home.

The LGBTQIA+ community is diverse and made up of different experiences, identities, and challenges. However, members of the community are disproportionately at-risk for suicide and other mental health struggles.

Know the facts. Over 80% of LGBTQ+ youth have been assaulted or threatened, and every instance of victimization in an LGBTQ+ person’s life more than doubles the likelihood of self-harming.

Be an ally.  Show your support for the LGBTQ+ community. Ensure that you are supporting loved ones by affirming their identity, using their pronouns, and being committed to providing a non-judgmental and safe space for all.

Virtual worship only.

Zoom Services only will begin at 10:30 am 
Zoom link  https://zoom.us/J/92762405253   (which is posted in the upper right corner on First Parish website and will be noted on Facebook).

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