Speaker: John Soderblom

“Stages of Change”

Change comes in cycles, and each stage carries its own challenges. We’ll explore the stages and how organizations react to them. Attend in person or by Zoom.

“Transformation – it’s more than just change”

As spring transforms the gray of winter to the green of spring, so we enter into a time of visioning that goes beyond just change but seeks transformation.  A time to vision a new and more vibrant future for us as a community. IN-PERSON WORSHIP  at 225 Cabot Street BEGINS AT 10:30 am Zoom link option  https://zoom.us/J/92762405253   (which … Continue reading “Transformation – it’s more than just change”

“Seven Reasons to be Grateful”

Gratitude is good for our mental and physical health. This Sunday I will be talking about seven wonderful benefits of a grateful heart and how healing it has been for me and can be for you also. In-Person Services begin at 10:30 am Zoom Option available

“Let’s Talk Gratitude”

Why feeling grateful is important in difficult times. How gratitude can change your world view and why gratitude is so good for our mental, physical and spiritual health. Worship Associate: Brenda Briana Tech Hosts: Patty and Ray Freeman-Lynde Note:  We will gather in person for worship at First Baptist Church, 221 Cabot Street, at 11:30 … Continue reading “Let’s Talk Gratitude”

“The Wonder Healer”

Many of us have life events that have suffered through life events that are more than painful. Yet many of us are called to serve from our wounds. What is this important and how can we turn our pain into service. Zoom Services will begin at 11:30am.  Zoom link  https://zoom.us/J/92762405253   (which is posted in the upper right … Continue reading “The Wonder Healer”

“Guideposts and Guides”

Guideposts and guides are people who have either pointed us in the right direction (guideposts) or have traveled with us during all or part of our journey while offering help and support along the way.  Many times the difference between success and failure in life can be that one person who is willing to offer … Continue reading “Guideposts and Guides”

“An old story retold”

Beginning with the July 5th, online worship at First Parish will be taking place via Zoom. Worship begins at 10am, with a virtual coffee hour following immediately after (also via the same Zoom link). Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/92762405253 Meeting ID 927 6240 5253 Dial in: 1 929 205 6099