Speaker: Rev. Susan Milnor

“Can We Love This Too?”

The Dalai Lama suggests that, when we make a mistake, we should ask, “Can I love this too?”  Can we love a range of things about ourselves – the shapes and forms we come in, our less charming traits as well as the best?  

Another meditation teacher refers … read more.

“For the Love of Books”

The Soul Matters theme for the month is Love, and today’s service is something of a valentine to books and reading.  What have been the most important books in your life?  Have any transformed you?  Which do you love so much you return to them … read more.

“Black History Matters”

With moves to ban teaching significant parts of Black History in some states, it’s never been more important to take seriously this month that honors African American history.  The goal, of course, is to integrate our learning and understanding into all the months of the year, … read more.

“Finding Our Way Home from Here”

In chaotic times, when that all important moral arc of the universe sometimes seems to be bending backwards, it’s important to know where we can find our center:  a place of direction and healthy relatedness.  Being a covenanted community, where people define how they will be … read more.

Your Next Minister

Who will your next settled minister be?  I don’t know, but I do know some things about the challenges of ministry and the people who do ministry.  The Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop revealed that people have biases about who can serve as their minister.   Do … read more.

Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve is a time for beauty, wonder, and the warmth of community.  A service of readings, music, carols, a homily, and candlelight.

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“The Wonder and Courage of Hanukkah”

Although Hanukkah does not begin until sundown on Dec 18, it seems important to honor its promise and its beauty this year when anti-Semitic hate speech and violence have risen dramatically.   What is the story of identity and struggle beneath Hanukkah that makes it different … read more.