Speaker: Rev. Susan Milnor

An Abundance of Gifts

Our annual Religious Education Sunday Service will celebrate the abundance of gifts we give and receive as a community committed to worshiping and learning together. All ages will remain in the sanctuary to participate in this multi-generational service.

Attend In person or connect by Zoom: https://zoom.us/J/92762405253


Mother’s Day is traditionally when we honor mothers for their care and nurture of children. In reality, most people nurture other people who are our “kin” and those who are not.  But nurture is complex, and one of the most important elements is how we … read more.

Earth Songs

As Earth Day approaches, we’ll center our individual and collective relationships with the Earth.  We all know how urgent the situation with climate change is, so we won’t be presenting deep science.  But as people in a faith tradition, what do we think best motivates … read more.

Small Acts

The mythic stories of this season remind us that however alone we sometimes feel in living our convictions, together we find the strength to do so with meaning. 

Today, against the background of Palm Sunday, we’ll consider how people all over the world, in different cultures, have … read more.

“Unmaking History”

In this Women’s History Month, it is time to think about the critical importance of health care, particularly reproductive health care, for women, indeed for any child bearing person.  Why are these rights being rolled back with alarming speed?  Is it really just about abortion?  … read more.

“A Faith With Vulnerability”

People often think of faith as being a set of beliefs that provide certainty, in other words, the answer to the vulnerability people experience in their lives.  But that’s not the case with Unitarian Universalism.  Instead, we try to nurture a faith that embraces vulnerability and thus allows … read more.

“If Ever There Were A time”

This morning we celebrate this community and explore our stewardship theme of “Moving Ahead Together.” What will it take to be a vital congregation in the next several years?  More importantly, why are we, the collective of First Parish Church, needed? And by whom?  Scott … read more.

“Can We Love This Too?”

The Dalai Lama suggests that, when we make a mistake, we should ask, “Can I love this too?”  Can we love a range of things about ourselves – the shapes and forms we come in, our less charming traits as well as the best?  

Another meditation teacher refers … read more.