Speaker: Rev. Susan Milnor

No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

Let’s celebrate as tradition and myth meet spontaneity in our no-rehearsal pageant. Hear some of your favorite holiday carols, revisit the old story with new eyes, and find the delight in coming together.

Note:  We will gather in person for worship at First Baptist Church, … read more.

“A Place Inside”

We are encouraged, urged, even pressured to be happy, at no time more than during the holidays. It’s not always so easy. More importantly, is happiness really the most compelling spiritual end? What’s the difference between happiness and joy? It may … read more.

“Truth and Myth”

Holy days usually involve a merger of truth (or history) with myth. What different functions do these serve for us in creating meaning or celebrating life?

Do story and Myth open us to different kind of joy than truth does?

How might all of this make … read more.

Multi-generational Stone Soup Service

Come together for a joyful, celebratory and participatory experience for all ages! Together, we’ll retell this profound and simple story of what it means to remember the power of community and lift up the sacred value of generosity.

As part of our “Stone Soup” service, we’ll … read more.


One of the fascinating aspects of astronomy is the insight it gives us into time:  the merging of past and present and future.  Being aware of that in our lives, both in our larger life and in congregational life, is important.

What can cosmology teach us about … read more.

Halloween Service: Facing our Fears Together

A multigenerational service on how we gather the courage with each other to face our fears.  Stretching back to ancient Ireland, autumn has been a time of turning inward and gathering courage to meet that which we fear.  Our human connections with one another provide the “magic” … read more.


In Healing the Heart of Democracy, educator, author, and activist Parker Palmer says, “We must judge ourselves by a higher standard than effectiveness, the standard called faithfulness.”  As we live in the space between the founding ideals of this democratic society and the reality, how … read more.

“In An Imperfect World”

We find ourselves in a societal moment when reproductive rights are being fundamentally challenged.  How does our Unitarian Universalist faith inform dealing with our concerns and convictions on these issues? 

How do we center with compassion the full, lived experience of human beings who must deal … read more.