“Huck Finn Isn’t Just for Kids”

I fell in love with Mark Twain when I was very young, because his first name was the same as mine. By the time I found out his real first name wasn’t Mark, I was hooked, and I have stayed hooked all my life.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has, I believe, a unique place in literature, in that It was banned for at least three times for at least three different reasons. When it first appeared, for being too crude-using the language of the common people, including black people. In the last few decades, for not being left wing enough, because of its use of words like “N-,” although of course they were common in the period in which it was set. At times and places in between, because people there and then didn’t want anybody reading anything that suggested that black people were in any way as good as white people.

Our summer worship services are held every Sunday at 10:30 am outdoors at Dane Street beach on Lothrop Street in Beverly, in the shade of two trees in the middle section of the grassy area of the park.  In case of rain, we will meet at our usual location at 225 Cabot Street.

Our outdoor services continue through July, August and early September. 

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