Ingathering Sunday

Welcome Back Event: “Make a Joyful Noise” Everyone is invited downstairs to Hale Hall from 9:30 am to 10:20 am to make simple instruments with which to celebrate our homecoming. We’ll end by parading at 10:20 around the outside of our meetinghouse with joy and thanksgiving and proceed into the sanctuary for the service.

10:30 am Multigenerational Service: “Sustaining the Tree of Life”

A story called “sustaining the Tree of Life” will form the centerpiece of our multigenerational service. It raises the question of how we live with respect for the life on this earth that we need so much. Then we’ll ritualize the power of coming together at the beginning of the congregational year in the annual Water Ceremony. Please bring a small amount of water from a place that is important to you.

IN-PERSON WORSHIP at 225 Cabot Street BEGINS AT 10:30 am

Post Worship:  Coffee Hour returns to First Parish Church Unitarian Universalist!

Zoom link option (which is posted in the upper right corner on First Parish website and will be noted on Facebook)

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