“LOVE: the glue that holds the Universe together”

Our last beach-side summer service will be an interactive experience designed to raise our energies, individually and collectively – with music, singing, stories, and maybe even a little dancing. Victoria is going to share some tales from her past, weaving stories and techniques together to share just some of what she’s learned along the way for how to increase her capacity to hold the energy of love – to BE the expression of love (at least more often than not). Maybe you’ll find a new process for your own Love toolbox.

What is Love to you? Think of some examples to share of when you loved freely, or felt loved, by a parent, partner, teacher, friend, passerby – or do you feel love more easily with Nature, animals, books, past experiences, or…? Come ready to share your voice, your heart, and your stories so that we might expand our connections with each other in this community.

Some processes we might do or discuss include:
Meditation – Breath work – Visualization – “Bodies of Light” – Movement – Song – Ho’oponopono

Victoria is a Public Speaker and Certified Massage Therapist, otherwise known as a Spiritual Healer & Speaker, ordained by the authority of herself and the Universal Life Church. This is her first public service.

This is the last of our summer worship services and will be held on Sunday at 10:30 am. outdoors at Dane Street beach on Lothrop Street in Beverly, in the shade of two trees in the middle section of the grassy area of the park.  In case of rain, we will meet at our usual location at 225 Cabot Street.

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