“Packing and Unpacking”

Mark Nepo observes that when we are “left with feeling what was and what is. . we call the difference loss.”  But he goes on to say there is more: what’s new, the possibilities. Every transition comes because there is change; the question is how can we respond to change and create transformation.  What are the possibilities to be revealed and discovered for FPC?  Our time together, like every transition you make in your own lives, will require some packing and unpacking.  It takes honesty and insight, but it can also be a blessing.  Bring your backpack, your briefcase, your tote, your lunch bag, your medical bag — whatever you carry with you in this world — for our “Blessing of Backpacks and Bags.” 

Our service will also include speaking a covenant between the congregation and Rev. Susan.

Worship Associate:  Melissa O’Connell

Services will be held at Hale Farm (39 Hale Street, Beverly) at 11:30am.  Those in attendance are to wear a mask and bring their own chair or blanket to sit on. 
However, if there happens to be rain in the forecast for Sunday morning, please refer to Zoom link  https://zoom.us/J/92762405253   (which is posted in the upper right corner on First Parish website and will be noted on Facebook).

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