“These Messengers” – Flower Ceremony

Most Unitarian Universalists celebrate the Flower Ceremony, created by Norbert and Maja Capek in the 1930’s.  In this, our last regular Sunday of the congregational year, we will celebrate the Flower Ceremony and consider why of all our UU rituals, this one endures. The story of its creators is one of courageously living one’s values, and it’s truly a story for our time.  We’ll also have some very special music from violinists Alan Hawryhuk,  Judy Takata, Cheryl Campbell, and bassist Joshua Schulz, plus Ellen Powers on keyboard.

Please bring a flower for each member of your party.

IN-PERSON WORSHIP  at 225 Cabot Street BEGINS AT 10:30 am

Zoom link option  https://zoom.us/J/92762405253 (which is posted in the upper right corner on First Parish website and will be noted on Facebook).

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