“Waiting for the Water to Fall”

The water communion service is a beautiful symbol of how the many streams of our daily lives meet and merge into the mighty river of our religious community. In this and many other congregations, it is a treasured part of the church year. Owing to the nature of our free faith, it is also a ritual which is constantly evolving. This year we will reflect on water as a fundamental human need.

*For this Year’s Water Communion:

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please take a moment, before September 15th, to collect some water from a place or a source (symbolic or literal) that connects to your deep needs. Please bring your water to church with you to contribute to our common font. All are invited to submit the source and meaning of their water to Rev. Kelly by email (minister@firstparishbeverly.org) or phone (978-922-3968) to be woven into the liturgy for the Water Communion.

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