Speaker: Rev. Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson

“Built to Last”

Our annual Side With Love service is a multi-generational time for us to celebrate the force at the center of our covenant as a congregation and as Unitarian Universalists: love. This year, we will explore love’s endurance and capacity to withstand disappointment and loss.

“No Matter Who”

In a world as complex and conflicted as
ours, maintaining integrity requires constant effort. Being true to ourselves,
and to our own ideals, can often be very challenging. One of the ways in which
it can be most challenging comes in the conflict between our expectations,
conflicts, or biases … read more.


In 1845, the British explorer Sir John Franklin set out on an expedition to find the mythical Northwest Passage – a sea route for sailing from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean by passing north of Canada. Although these days, climate change is making that … read more.

“Tea and Poetry”

On the last Sunday of 2019, join Rev. Kelly and members of the Music and Worship Committee in a time of reflection and sharing. All are invited to bring a poem that particularly speaks to them to share during this interactive worship service.