Rev. Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson

Winter Solstice

Join us to celebrate the cycle of the natural world and the transition from gathering darkness to growing light. A brief, family-friendly service will be held at 4pm at Lynch Park at 55 Ober St. in Beverly (on the shoreline, near the volley-ball courts).


The Sense of Our Small Effort

Throughout this church year, Rev. Kelly will lead us in exploring the famous summary of our religious ideals, “Five Smooth Stones of Religious Liberalism” and its more recent expansion, “Five Jagged Rocks of Unitarian Universalism.” Join us as we reflect on James Luther Adams’ Third … read more.

The Amen Break

There are some moments in time so perfect, that they seem to have a life unto themselves. Join us for a playful and adventurous worship service about how we can change the course of history when we least expect it.