“What is the World?”

Multigenerational Worship:   Ingathering and Water Ceremony

As we gather together as a community of all ages at the beginning of a new congregational year, we come in the midst of change, but with gifts that will sustain as we join to do so much more together than we can do singly.   Our service will include the story of “The Small Cloud” (with some characters to help in the telling), a reflection by our interim minister, Rev. Susan Milnor, and the annual Water Ceremony.  Bring a small container of water from a place that is important to you; it can be the slate blue seas or your home tap or any other water source that is part of your life.

Worship Associate:  Brenda Brianna; Singers: Donna Gale, Soprano,  & Richard Salandrea, Baritone

Note:  If you would like, please send an email identifying the source of your water  to minister@firstparishbeverly.org by 7 p.m., Saturday evening, September 11.

For the month of September, we will continue to worship outdoors hopefully at Hale Farm.  Until our renovation is complete, worship will begin at 11:30 am on Sundays

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