“All That Is Loving and Wide-Reaching”: Service of Building Re-dedication

This morning we will officially re-dedicate our renovated church. It’s a time of gratitude for a goal realized, but also a moment for committing again to our purpose as a religious people going forward in such a time as this. Our building offers a storied and beautiful home for a people belonging to a tradition that is dedicated to what? Words of appreciation, an historical reading, a homily by Rev. Susan Milnor, an Act of Rededication led by our Board Chair, Scott Gorman, special music and more.

IN-PERSON WORSHIP  at 225 Cabot Street BEGINS AT 10:30 am

Zoom link option  https://zoom.us/J/92762405253 (which is posted in the upper right corner on First Parish website and will be noted on Facebook)

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