Speaker: Patty Freeman-Lynde


It’s been a hard year, you’ve heard it said, a hard couple of years. We continue to have a lot to deal with. Our mental health is fragile. We need to be gentle with ourselves and each other. This service is to help us find … read more.

“How musical theater helped me adjust to life in the United States by Tamara Campillo Lazcurain.”

Tamara is a 21 year old from Mexico with a green card and a positive outlook. Come ready to Listen and share your response as well. Have you … read more.

Olympic Sunday

This Sunday at Hale Farm, Patty Freeman-Lynde will lead a timely discussion, given the Tokyo Olympics, of sports and mental health. What is your vision of being an American? Does it involve putting others first? What is your reaction to Simone Biles’ withdrawal from some of her Olympic gymnastics events? What takeaways have you found from around the globe at this year’s Olympic Games?

“We are all children of immigrants”

Join Patty as she reviews her lifelong interest in genealogy, and learn a little about our early history. Do you know the difference between Plymouth Colony and the Massachusetts Bay colony?

Beginning with the July 5th service, online worship at First Parish will be taking … read more.